MariannaAdler, PhD
psychologist - psychotherapist - psychoanalyst

Welcome.  I am a licensed Psychologist with advanced post-doctoral training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and adult psychoanalysis.  I have a private clinical practice in Austin Texas where I see individuals for psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, as well as offering clinical consultation for other professionals.  In addition, I am on the faculty of the Houston-Galveston Psychoanalytic Institute (recently renamed the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies) where I teach classes in the theory and practice of psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

Both psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are forms of treatment designed to help individuals who find themselves in current difficulties be it due to depression and/or anxiety, difficulty with relationships, life transitions, problems with work or creative inhibitions.  Both forms of treatment help people understand their present lives and work towards resolution or change. Sometimes this is accomplished simply by having an opportunity to talk through difficult and painful experiences in a confidential therapeutic relationship.  Other times people find that in order to understand their difficulties, it is helpful to understand how their emotions and behaviors are shaped by factors outside of their awareness, factors which frequently have their origin in past experiences.  While therapy is often sufficient for these purposes, sometimes a person seeks deeper understanding of themselves and a chance to engage the work in a deeper way.  When that is the case, psychoanalysis is sometimes the treatment of choice.